Downtown Art Exhibit: Dylan Jacobson

Since its opening in 2013, our downtown cafe has always drawn and welcomed a particularly creative crowd: artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, foodies, etc. Local comic artist, storyteller and Coffea regular Dylan Jacobson is certainly no exception. In conjunction with DTSF’s First Friday events, we are excited to exhibit a number of inked, unedited pages from Jacobson’s newest project—the…

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What is Coffee?

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance you drink a lot of coffee. In fact, you might even drink coffee every day–just like us! According to a 2013 article in USA Today, nearly 83% of U.S. adults drink coffee of some sort. That’s an average of three cups a day per person,…

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Downtown Art Exhibit: Mariah Greenhoff

On November 6th, Downtown Coffea is hosting Mariah Greenhoff’s artist reception. She’s showing some of her drawings and prints so come downtown and see some biomorphic art! Let’s talk about biomorphic art for a minute. Mariah has found a home in the style, and she defines it as “flowing, curving, without stop or shape”. Her…

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Mario Romero – Honduras

Announcing the Mario Concepcion Martinez Romero, a washed Honduran coffee sourced through Royal Coffee and the Catracha Project in Santa Elena, Honduras.  Honduras has been known for a long time as a producer of commercial coffee. It’s still a pretty large source for cheap arabica coffee, which makes things difficult for farmers who are trying…

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Free Espresso Friday

TGIF takes on a whole new meaning when you’re at Coffea, because it’s Free Espresso Friday! Which means we serve you a double shot of our espresso on the house, free, zilch, cero dinero. Tried our espresso before? Awesome. Come back in and enjoy a double shot on us. Haven’t tried our espresso before? Awesome. Come…

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Episode Espresso

Coffea Sourced: Deep Creek Honey

Coffea has always cared deeply about where we source our products from. This definitely has ramifications for our coffee buying, but it means much more than that. From tea leaves and cocoa powder to honey and other baking supplies, we do everything we can to partner with ethically and environmentally upright businesses that are as…

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Image of Deep Creek Honey

Chayote Wheat: Collab Beer

If there’s anything more delicious than coffee it’s probably beer. So, we decided to collaborate with Woodgrain Brewing Co. down here in DTSF to create the Chayote Wheat.

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