Coffea Roasterie


About Coffea

Coffea is a locally owned roasterie and cafe. It was envisioned by extremely passionate coffee-lovers and our main cafe & roasterie opened in March 2009 on South Louise Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD. In September 2013, we opened our second location in Downtown Sioux Falls at 10th & Phillips.

Our mission? To source, roast, brew, prepare and serve coffee without compromise. Just for you. (Ok, for us too...but we'll share. I promise.) 

In 2013, co-owner Jennifer Swanson took over as fearless leader. She, along with our superhero roasting & barista team, continually strives to bring stellar coffee and drinks to our customers everyday. Our head roaster, Andrew, works tirelessly to bring in a small selection of exquisite coffees and then delicately roasts them to bring out their deliciousness. (Many of them have been nationally rated by Coffee Review here.) 

On the cafe side, our baristi go through literally months of training before they typically pass their exams to work behind our espresso bar. These guys and gals are for real, and many of them have competed in Latte Art and Barista Competitions. 

Our drinks range from traditional espresso drinks to manual brew methods, to signature beverages only found at Coffea, created by our very own crew. (Oh yes, and we only use local milk from Burbach's Countryside Dairy, homemade syrups, real ingredients, local honey, and the list goes on.) We love using natural products and sweeteners to compliment the flavors in our espresso, not cover it up. We view coffee as a culinary item, that is perfectly beautiful on its own, but can be transformed when expertly combined with other ingredients in well-trained hands. 

Both of our cafes offer a small selection of baked goods (all made in-house), comfy seating, and great company. (Oh, and free Wi-Fi!) Our Louise location also touts a fireplace and drive-thru if you fancy the need for either. 

Check our our Cafe page for hours!

Coffea Roasterie (Louise)
2318 S. Louise Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
(605) 362-9955

Coffea Roasterie (Downtown)
200 S. Phillips Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
(605) 977-0888