Partner With Coffea (Take II)

Serving Coffea is an affordable luxury that communicates commitment to quality to your team and customers.  

When you pour your morning cup, you don't need to think about anything more than the day's work ahead of you.  For over a decade it’s been our job and our joy to provide you the right equipment, the best beans, and easy brewing guides so you can enjoy the nation’s best coffee.  

Whether you’re brewing for an office of eighty or making table-side pour-overs to cap off a culinary experience, we offer beans for any palate.  

Our new line of blends meets even the tightest of budgets while delivering flavor you won’t find from big-box stores or office-coffee sellers.  Coffea's core business operates as a craft coffee roaster that has won national medals and been ranked best coffee in the nation for months running.  

If knowing that story, science, and every step along the industry chain increases your appreciation for what's in your cup, we can can provide all the story and data you want.  

If the best partnership for you is simply delivering world-class coffees and making sure your equipment and your customers are happy, we’ve got the right tools for that job too.  

Coffea started around 2009, and what we knew then is still true today: the importance of morning rituals and affordable luxuries are invaluable.  Sharing that ritual and allowing it to be a luxury says so much to the people you value.  

Tell your customers and your staff how much you care about the the details by partnering with Coffea, and let us deliver on that promise of attending to every step along the way.  All you’ll need to do is pour your mug and enjoy the coffee.  It’s our joy to empower you to do your job.