You're Not Buying Coffee, You're Buying Time

You're Not Buying Coffee, You're Buying Time

Customers want convenient, warm comfort; they want it in a cup, quickly, and with minimal unknowns... but if you can make it unexpectedly delightful, that's just swell. 

As a coffee-provider, you're in a tricky spot.  How do you be comforting and unexpected?  Reliable and surprising?  

To introduce another level of complexity, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their role in the industries where they speak with their dollars.  How do you have time to run your business, maintain a reliable yet engaging menu, keep track of your employees, keep inventory on cups, sleeves, etc, etc... AND know the names of the farmers that grew your coffee?!

Answer: let Coffea do the work for you. 

We're passionate about transparency, convenience, and experienced in exceeding customers' expectations in the ever-changing world of coffee.  

Our goal in working with you is to provide a rotating menu of exceptional single origin coffees, and information about the farmers and producers that brought you that bean.  When our coffee producers and customers told us they want a more reliable, affordable luxury of coffee blends, we responded with a new lineup of blends.

A partnership with Coffea means joining a larger community-network of farmers, producers, and industry experts so you can lean on us.  Let us help you make your customers' next experience unexpectedly delightful, exceptionally delicious, and all while being a part of a community you know you can count on.  

Let us take care of the coffee so you can take care of your customers and your business.