Chemex Brewing Guide

Chemex Brewing Guide

So you've decided to go with a classic, huh?  Good choice, my friend.  

This is an oldie but a goodie, and once you've mastered this brew method you'll understand why the Museum of Modern Art put it in its permanent design collection.  

Materials Needed to Brew:


-Chemex Filters

-A Gooseneck Spout Kettle (electric of stove-top)
-A Scale
-A Timer
-A Grinder

Its look and function are just as delicate and clean as the cup it makes, and this step-by-step guide will help you get the most out of your new brewer.  

  1. Put a filter into the Chemex and saturate the filter with water just off the boil.  This preheats the Chemex but also prepares the filter for brewing.
  2. Place in 42 g of coffee into the filter.  The coffee grounds should be about the size of Kosher salt (coarser than what you'd use for a Kalita Wave but a little finer than a french press). 
  3. Pour roughly 45g of hot water on the grounds and leave it alone for about 30 seconds to allow it to bloom (let the gasses escape the freshly ground coffee). 
  4. Over the course of about one minute, pour about 400-450 grams of water on the grounds in a circular motion, constantly moving.  The goal here is to make sure all the grounds are swept up in the pouring, undulating motion.
  5. The water you've been pouring should mostly be down into the lower-chamber of the Chemex (but not entirely).  Pour 250-300 g of water into the Chemex (that will mean a total of 700g of water for the whole process).  
  6. Once the liquid has finished extracting (there are only slow drops falling from the bottom tip of the filter), pull the filter out of the Chemex and toss it in the waste bin. 
  7. Slowly swirl the contents of the Chemex.
  8. Pour it into your favorite mug and enjoy.