Coffee Better At Work: Issue 2

November 24, 2017

Coffee Better At Work: Issue 2

Even the Best Can Be Better

Even already excellent coffee setups can be improved upon, and that's what we'll discuss in this second issue of how to brew better coffee at work.  Issue 1 of how to brew better coffee at work provided important questions to ask when improving your coffee outfitting and simple steps for most offices. 

If your coffee setup looks like the banner picture, you've got some pretty impressive coffee know-how.  What we see when we look at that setup is a grinder that can take you to whatever brew method you'd like and a brewer that gets up to the temp you want and integrates all the coffee grounds into the brewing process

If your office has a burr grinder and a great coffee brewer, our first suggestion would be to get a water filtration system, or just bring jugs of properly filtered water (not distilled, but properly filtered) to brew with.  Don't just trust your charcoal filter; use filtered water.  

What we're thrilled about in this office's setup (and yes, this is what an office in Sioux Falls has for their employees) is their water-filter.  Water is exceptionally important to brewing coffee that tastes the way it should. 

This brewer actually has a direct feed from that water filter system next to the brewer (seen in the picture to the right), and that's not only ensuring great water for brewing, but it's a time-saver for whoever brews coffee for your office every morning; for our purposes, let's assume his name is Ted.  Ted used to need to measure water from the sink that's down that hallway in the bathroom and bring it back to the brewer.  Now Ted just needs to grind coffee and put it in the brewer.  

Let's assume you've actually got this outstanding of a set-up at work.  Have no fear, we can still give you upgrade advice! 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your new break-time entertainment and treat:

The AeroPress

Here's the quick specs on the AeroPress:  

  • Brew-time is less than two minutes (not including how long it takes your water-kettle to boil).
  • The coffee is an amplified, distilled version of your favorite coffee.
  • It's fun to make and fun to watch.  Brewing instructions can be found here.
  • If you don't want such an intense flavor, just add hot water to your cup for an Americano-esque drink.
  • When not in use, it stores extremely easily.

The AeroPress is one of our staff's favorite pieces of equipment because it lets us appreciate our coffees in a different light. 

Your staff or coworkers will love the hands-on, easy, phenomenal cup that this brewer produces, and its brew time allows you to enjoy the aroma, taste, and experience of coffee quickly enough to fit in your break-time.  It also fits easily in any break-room setting.  

Let us know if you have any questions about a better work-place setup by contacting Dan Sinkgraven at 

And cheers!

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