Coffee Classes & Cuppings

Coffee Classes & Cuppings

One of the greatest parts about coffee is how much of a rabbit-hole this little bean really is when it comes to information, science, and world-bridging.  Coffea wants to lean into that with you, so every month--once a month-- we invite you to join us for a free cupping at our Dawley Farms location.  The first of these cuppings was last Sunday, and we had not only a great turn-out but a some great conversation.  

Coffee Classes

Coming up next week (Thursday the 21st) is a coffee class about the best brew-methods that are on the market today.  We'll run through a "how-to" demonstration of each method using the same coffee so we can explore the ways that a coffee's flavor can change depending on how you brew it.  Of course, it will be your arduous task to taste  these and tell me what you think.  You'll score each brew method and walk away with a greater understanding of which brew method fits your life-style and palette (if you're a busy parent with rushed mornings, you might want a time-consuming pour over, but don't have the time or energy to focus on that method... fear not, we have the perfect solution for you).   Oh yeah, and did I mention you get a 12oz. bag of coffee at the end of class?  

Class starts at 7:00, cost is $10, and you can sign up at any Coffea location (space is limited 12 students).  

The following Thursday (Sept 28th), class will be taught by Coffea's CEO Bryan Kegley, and he will explore brewing theory.  This class will help you navigate any issue that comes up as you're brewing at home, covering everything from optimal coffee-to-water ratio, unorthodox but important grind-settings, all the way to how much particulate matter you want in your water as you brew.  

Free Cuppings

All are welcome to cuppings.  It's a great event for people who have a basic grasp of coffee and want to take further steps in developing your palate by differentiating between coffees.  It’s one thing to know that things taste different if it’s grown in a different region, altitude, or processing… it’s a very different thing to taste it.  Cuppings happen once a month, are free to the public, and a great way to try all of the coffees that Coffea has to offer.  

What we (Coffea) get out of this is a consumer base that is equipped with knowledge and experience of what coffee has the potential to be.  

We look forward to seeing you at the next class or cupping!