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Fernando Diaz: Finca Idolia (January 5th Release)

Fernando Diaz: Finca Idolia (January 5th Release)

The Mind Behind the Finca Idolia

When the coffee industry works well, it bridges once isolated, alien places from around the world and brings people together over a cup of coffee.  On one end of this bridge is a farmer named Fernando Diaz, on the other end is you.  

We went down to Guatemala to visit Fernando’s farm a few years back and were floored by his ambition and ingenuity. Both he and his methods captured our attention and stretched our imagination.  Since then we’ve been fortunate enough to kept in close connection with him, working with him in his highly scientific endeavors to not only make his product as solid as possible, but also furthering the coffee industry.  

Just this summer, Diaz sent us an experiment he'd been working on in fermenting coffees at different lengths to see what methods produced the best flavors.  Being able to work with producers directly is an honor, but having someone like Fernando Diaz keeping his own farm and production at the cutting edge of the industry and inviting us along for the ride is downright fun.  

Diaz’s farm is located in a notable region of Guatemala.  Oriente is on a former volcanic range, so its soil is balanced in minerals and different from soils in regions which have seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.  The Idolia section of Fernando’s operation is located in the village of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, between the Tecuamburro and Pacaya volcanoes, and known for its predominantly rainy and cloudy atmosphere.

Between the climate, the soil, and Diaz’s highly engaged farming and scientifically minded processing, Coffea is proud to showcase our friend Fernando Diaz’s crop, for the fourth year.


Region: Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Santa Rosa

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuaí

Process: Washed

Growing Altitude: 1,800 masl