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Free Shipping on Retail Orders of $50 or more. Use Code FREESHIP50 at Checkout.



About a week ago, Coffea’s Roasting Lab received 12 pallets of green coffee, all from Guatemala.  That breaks down to a little over 19,000lbs of green beans (or 8618.255kg for your metric nerds out there… you logical, time-saving types).  

It's an exciting time for Coffea with so much potential.  Here’s what that means for you:

Santa Isabel

A favorite in past years, we're excited to present this year's crop of Santa Isabel.  Cupping notes and descriptions are on its product page, but to know a little background on the farmer behind the crop will add some real personality to your cup.  His name is Luis Wicho and our roaster (Andrew Fritz) was able to sit down and talk face to face with Wicho on our last origin trip to Guatemala.  

Fritz has made a habit of asking farmers we work with if they enjoy farming.  Some say it's an honor to carry on a family business but it's also not very likely to make them rich, some say they enjoy working with their hands, and some say they have a passion for their work.  

When Fritz asked Wicho, "So do you like being a farmer?"   The response was said through a toothy, unashamed, not-even-trying-to-hide-it smile, "No, I don't like it.  I love it!"  

He went on to gush about the importance of the plant getting the right nutrition because that makes a difference with the cell wall so the cherry avoids unintentional spoiling and more uniform processing, then segued to his use of different varietals that make up his fields or use of shade growing to combat disease while being a little more eco-friendly, and just kept going.  While these things might not be wildly out of the ordinary, Wicho's passion for farming and finding ways to improve his operations really are extraordinary.  

We love working with farmers who love their job and love their coffee.  It's fun to work with someone who wants input on what we're getting from their crops as we brew up their coffee and enjoy it.  So please, make sure to give us your reaction to Luis Wicho's Santa Isabel, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.   

Santa Ana

You may remember hearing about a farmer named Fernando Diaz, and how we've grown as a company because of our relationship with him.  Like Wicho, Diaz is passionate about his coffee and his farm since he has inherited it from his father.  Four years ago, Diaz looked to the farm and decided he wanted to dive into the scientific side of coffee.  Since then we've worked with him on some of his projects like fermentation experiments and how to roast better based off of those experiments, and on other projects of his we've just sat back and been impressed at his work.  The Santa Ana is the first of his coffees we will receive this year, and it is downright impressive what he's done with a coffee that is supposed to be a simple blender-bean.  


Coffea is starting a new chapter with the release of coffee blends.  This massive shipment of Guatemalan coffees brought us the last few ingredients we needed to finalize our blends.  We've got three blends we're proud to present, The Current, Take 5, and Legacy.  Each has a particular personality of its own, and will be available to wholesale customers now.  Just shoot us an email to request more information or simply bug your boss to get these great coffees into your office or workspace (try something like, "I'll be so much more productive and chipper with great coffee on hand!"  They'll eat that stuff up).