New Year's Resolution: Drink More Coffee

New Year's Resolution: Drink More Coffee

If you started off 2018 with any New Year's Resolutions, chances are coffee can help you along the way to your goals.  Here are four different ways you might make your goals for 2018 with that lovely cup of coffee by your side:

1) Learn A ___enter skill or language here____:  Whether that resolution is to learn a new language or read more books, that cup of coffee will help you focus.  Translation: coffee = on task.

2) Exercise Smarter: many studies show many different benefits of caffeine pre or post working out.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Caffeine helps your body consume the energy stored in fat cells.
  • Caffeine's energy boost can get you through those tough workouts 
  • If you've drunk roughly 12oz of black coffee pre-exercise, people typically burn fat at an elevated rate post workout for roughly three hours.  

3) Memory: Studies point to a certain window of caffeine intake can benefit memory retention.  That window is above 100mg but below 300mg.  Funny-random-happenstance: a 12oz cup of coffee is between 200-280mg of caffeine.  The take away: drink a cup of coffee as you're studying.  You'll retain that info better.  

4) Treat Yo Self: Some of us started this year off saying you just want to treat yourself better this year.  My humble suggestion to you is this: drink good coffee, but as you do that, enjoy it with someone you care about or enjoy it yourself but either way, enjoy that time and let yourself be present in that moment.