Episode Espresso

The pairing of steamed milk and a well balanced espresso is a beautiful thing.Episode Espresso has found that balance.  In milk, it retains its full chocolatey body and subdued fruits.  Served alone as a shot of espresso, the Episode punches up to a coating, heavy body with jammy flavors and with dense blackberry aroma.  

Grind Preference

More about this coffee

The Episode blend is focused on showcasing delicious coffees to produce a consistent and reliable beverage that is versatile as well as being delicious. As the main espresso used in our cafes, it is a carefully and intentional crafted coffee that serves as the foundation of the majority of the beverages we serve.

The beauty of this coffee is that it is not only a delicious espresso, but also delightful through traditional brewing methods. Possibly the best of all is that while this blend will stay consistent and reliable, with each fresh coffee harvest comes a new episode that will always be like a welcome friend.  

As espresso this Episode is coating and jammy with a heavy body and dense black berry fragrances. When brewed traditionally, there are lots of chocolates, the fruits become more delicate, and the sweetness becomes more milk chocolatey and fudgy, making it an easy decision for a go-to coffee.