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Free Shipping on Retail Orders of $50 or more. Use Code FREESHIP50 at Checkout.

Best Cup Cauca - Jonny Duran

Introducing producer Jonny Duran. Jonny owns a farm near Paez called El Tiestero that sits 1,890 meters above sea level. Jonny's coffee took 3rd place in the Best Cup Cauca with a cup score of 87.3. He has been producing from a young age and has 5.5 acres of coffee trees. He produced amazing coffee and our roaster, Andrew, scored his coffee at 89 on both tables where his coffee appeared. Jonny is a solid producer who knows his way around his farm and produces some stellar coffees. We are beyond excited to roast and serve this one.

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More about this coffee

In February of 2020, Coffea Roasterie was invited to Colombia to judge coffees and attend an auction for some of the best coffees in western Cauca. We sent our head roaster, Andrew Fritz! Fun facts about Best Cup Cauca: the state of Cauca has around 93,000 coffee producers. They produce 1.5 million bags of coffee each year. 30% of that coffee is produced by women!

Over 400 producers submitted coffees for the competition Andrew attended. Those coffees were narrowed down to the top 50 lots. Andrew spent four days cupping and sorting through some insanely amazing and delicious coffees. At the end of the competition he was able to purchase the coffees at a live auction with the producers present. This type of setting is an amazing opportunity for the coffee producers to showcase their producing abilities and sell their coffees well over the C-Market rate. We are honored to be a part of this process and build the coffee market for the coffee farmers in Colombia!