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Free Shipping on Retail Orders of $50 or more. Use Code FREESHIP50 at Checkout.

Brazil Rio Brilhante

A wonderful coffee from a beautiful region of Brazil. In the cup, we get roasted hazelnuts, cocoa and toffee sweetness. 

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More about this coffee

Fazenda Rio Brilhante sits within a micro-region called Pântano which is located in the state of Minas Gerais. Pântano is known for its well-defined seasons, consistent seasonal rain, and overall favorable climate for coffee production. Rio Brilhante is run by one of the migrant families who left the south of Brazil in search of new opportunities. The family of Inácio Urban, the founder, worked producing agricultural food products but on a much smaller scale. In the 80’s, Inácio foresaw a giant opportunity in the Cerrado Mineiro region. At the time, land in this region was considered undesirable and, as a result, was very cheap. To start, Inácio planted 20 hectares of coffee, as he says "to learn what it is like to grow coffee”. Over the last 40 years he continued to purchase more land and plant more coffee, eventually growing the farm to it’s impressive current size. In 2020 the farm was awarded first place in the Ethics and Traceability Award given to farms for their commitment and development of programs to develop people, preserve the environment, and promote responsible agribusiness. Tasting notes of candied hazelnut, toffee, and cocoa.

Location: Pântano, Minas Gerais

Variety: Yellow Borbon, Catuai

Elevation: 900-1150 masl

Processing: Semi-Washed