Coffea "Instant" Santa Isabel

More about this coffee

As coffee people, we know that the bad reputation of instant coffee is very well deserved.  Thankfully, there have been other coffee people hard at work to change that. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Sudden Coffee to present a high quality coffee in instant form.  Sudden uses a specialized system to slow freeze-dry brewed coffee, resulting in crystallized coffee that produces an aromatic, flavorful cup.  

We’ve selected one of our favorite single origin coffees from this year - Santa Isabel from Guatemala - as our initial coffee offering.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Use one tube per 8-12 oz of water (hot or cold)
  • Tubes are guaranteed for 9 months
  • One pack contains 4 tubes

Coffea “Instant” is in no way a substitute for a fresh brewed pour-over, but it is perfect for those times that you don’t have access to good coffee or decent brewing equipment - road trips, long flights, camping, hiking, holidays in a Folgers household!  Throw a pack or two in your travel bag and never worry about being without good coffee again!