Colombia Pink Bourbon

 This is a beautiful coffee that blew us away the first time we tasted it. The flavor profile is wild and juicy and something you shouldn't miss. This coffee has beautiful white tea aromatics with citrus, peach, and melon flavors. A lovely coffee like this doesn't happen often. 

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More about this coffee


Producer Rodrigo Sanchez has spent half his life involved in specialty coffee. In 2002, he took advantage of a local opportunity for sons of farmers to learn to cup. Before that, he and his family never considered coffee in terms of cup profile. By learning to differentiate profiles he, and his father and grandfather, began to apply concepts to farming techniques. Three generations were researching how to produce consistent specialty coffee on Monteblanco and the family’s other farms.

Rodrigo noticed that farms would win cupping competitions one year and never again, so he investigated how to produce quality consistently. Looking closely at the farms, Rodrigo found many more than just the four or five varietals most known in Colombia. He found there were trees he hadn’t noticed before, trees that were very different with leaves that looked like Geisha. In the cup, cherries harvested from those trees also tasted like a Geisha. This was the beginning of Pink Bourbon lot separation.

Rodrigo investigated with his grandfather, who had bought those seedlings in San Adolfo in the early 80’s during a roya leaf rust attack when he had to replace a portion of the farm’s trees. Rodrigo realized that other producers also had these trees. In San Adolfo and Palestina there was an experimental farm in the 50’s-60’s planted with 500 coffee varieties, so he and his grandfather think the trees probably originated from that farm. In 2014 Rodgrio planted three hectares of Monteblanco’s 18 total hectares with Pink Bourbon.

This lot was cold fermented, a process Rodrigo has developed. Coffee is depulped immediately after it is harvested and then placed in a GrainPro bag. The bagged coffee is then placed inside a refrigerator set to regulate the temperature between 10-13 degrees Celsius for three days. Finally, the coffee is washed and placed on shaded African beds to dry.

Region: Finca Monteblanco, Huila, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Cold Fermentation
Elevation: 1730 masl
Farmer: Rodrigo Sanchez
Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Honey, Pink Grapefruit