Zinash Adugna

Zinash Adugna has wonderful floral aromatics with delicate citrus flavors and fresh berry flavors.  

Grind Preference

More about this coffee

Coffee from Ethiopia has always been difficult to trace. We have never been able to get coffee information down to a producer level due to the ECX and government restrictions. Most of the coffee in Ethiopia is either sold by large estates directly to large buyers or at a COOP level through the commodities exchange. Buyers could try and trace coffees through the market of the EXC but there was always the chance of a third party outbidding you for the coffee you are trying to have some level of traceability on.

This year, the ECX has adjusted some rules which allows more traceability down to the producer of level. For the first time we are finally seeing fully traceable lots from Ethiopia! We are really excited to offer this Ethiopian coffee from producer Zinash Adugna.

Zinash Adugna grows coffee on 3.6 hectares in Hafursa Waro town. The average annual temperature on her property ranges from 50-75⁰F and the farm has fertile soil with shade from Cordia africana, Acacia, and Ensete ventricosum trees. This lot was fermented for 72 hours and dried for 18 days on raised beds. Normally Zinash would sell her coffee to the Hafursa washing station, but this was the first year she was able to sell 15,400kgs as a single producer lot under her name.


Region: Yirgacheffe

Varietal: Kume, Diga, Wolisho

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,914  masl