El Salvador Finca El Trompillo

José’s pacamara became an instant favorite from the moment we tasted it with flavors of stone fruit and citrus. The sugar cookie sweetness and velvety body make this coffee a fast favorite. 


Grind Preference

More about this coffee

José Ovidio Flores purchased a four acre farm in 2005 with the intent of growing coffee. He spent the subsequent years planting Caturra, Bourbon, and other varieties of coffee and expanding his farm little by little, buying farmland from his neighbors. José grows coffee on approximately 95 percent of his eleven acres of land, and uses the remaining area for fruit-bearing trees. This particular lot from José is a pacamara variety. The pacamara was originally developed in El Salvador by the Salvadoran Institute of Coffee Research. It is a hybrid variety between the Pacas and the Maragoype varieties. The idea was to produce a coffee plant with the disease resistance of the Pacas and the cup quality of the Maragoype. Pacamara took 30 years to develop, finally being released to farmers in the 1980s. This variety has exploded with popularity, dominating coffee competitions across El Salvador due to its high cup quality. 


Region: La Montanita, El Tunel, Chalatenango
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,500 meters