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Marshmallow Root

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Marshmallow root is the root of the marshmallow plant (Althea officinalis). The marshmallow plant is part of the mallow family of plants. Marshmallow is known to grow in damp areas such as marshes or riverbanks, hence the name--marsh mallow. The species name Althea is from the Greek word altheo which means "to heal." Marshmallow contains high levels of mucilage, which means that it's great for areas of your body that have mucous membranes (i.e. your respiratory tract, your digestive tract, and urinary tract) when consumed as a tonic. Common helpful effects are: eases coughs and colds, protects against stomach ulcers, lessens gastric reflux, etc.

Name: Marshmallow Root

Origin: Botanica - Althea officinalis

Common Uses: relieve cough, reduce stomach ulcers, Prevent gastric reflux

Brewing Instructions are included on the tin.

Marshmallow has been consumed as food for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used to make candies out of marshmallow root (already seen as naturally sweet) and honey. Fast forward to France in 1850 and marshmallow root was combined with corn syrup, egg whites, and water to create some of the earliest modern marshmallows. The mucilage present in marshmallow root contributed to the consistency we think of with marshmallows. Over time, however, this was switched out for the cheaper ingredient gelatin--meaning no marshmallows you commonly find actually contain the eponymous ingredient. Ironic.

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