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Rwandan Black

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This is our first tea from Rwanda--one of our favorite coffee origins.

Name: Rwandan Black

Origin: Northern Province, Rwanda

Processing: Black

Tasting Notes: Banana Bread, Orange Candy, Walnut

Brewing Instructions are included on the tin.

The Rwandan tea industry was established in the 1950s and the tea plant flourishes with the soil and climate. However, the civil war in the 1990s led to the complete demise of the industry and it took a while to get it back on track. Until recently, teas from Rwanda were mostly CTC black tea (cut tear curl--teabag tea) and orthodox teas were simply a hope for the future. We're extremely excited that this orthodox tea is evidence that these hopes have come to fruition. It comes from the Rulindo District in the Northern Province of Rwanda and is processed in of the the largest tea factories there. The majority of tea produced there comes from a cooperative of 4,500 small farmers.

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