Coffee 101

Coffee can be just as delicious at home as it is in your favorite cafe, and as long as you know that fact, we’ll fill in the gaps in knowledge so your home-brewed coffee can be exactly that. It’s true that coffee can be obscenely complicated, but if you can get a few basics under control then you can brew without fear. Let us get you started on your coffee brewing journey as we cover the basics of coffee beans, grinding, and water.

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Be A Barista

Cross over to the other side of the counter and pull back the curtain of what it takes to pull the perfect shot of espresso or steam the micro-foam that it takes to pour the lovely rosetta on your cappuccino. Part of barista’s job is to make it look easy, but this class will give you a behind the scenes look of just how much it takes to pull out those subtle but important layers of a truly beautiful cup of coffee.

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Advanced Topics

For those of us with a mind for the science of a the culinary experience and an obsession for details, these classes range from the chemistry behind water’s role in extraction to taking a deep-dive into the too often overlooked processing of coffees.

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Jumping into the depths of loose-leaf buying and brewing can feel overwhelming, but in this class Coffea’s resident tea master, Doug Hair, will be your personal guide to brewing tea exactly as it’s meant to be. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the breadth of tea’s potential (Green, Yellow, Oolong, White, Black, as well as Fermented and Altered) so you can make a proper cup and what to ask for that you know you’ll enjoy.

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