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  • Colombia Argelia - Decaf
  • Colombia Argelia - Decaf

Colombia Argelia - Decaf

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Finding good decaffeinated coffee is a fun and undervalued pursuit. It's important to us to have an offering that parallels the rest of our menu, and this coffee does.

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Elevation: 1,250 masl

Processing: EA Decaf

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Creamy, Grapefruit

Argelia is a municipality in the southern part of the Cauca department. This region was traditionally inhabited by indigenous people form the Guapios, Telembias, and Barbacoas tribes but in recent years it has become known as a strategic place for multiple aspects of the drug industry. A peace treaty between the government and guerillas helped the situation for a time, however recent events have caused the industry to grow once again and violence to again become more of an issue. Growing coffee and other agricultural products is difficult in southern Colombia because transportation, education, and agricultural technology are scarce.

Our coffee bags are now recyclable - just return your used bag to any of our cafés and we'll take care of the rest.

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