El Salvador Finca El Paraiso

Startlingly clean pear is enveloped in chocolate and mandarin orange in one of Aida Batlle's exemplary coffees.  Coffea is proud to offer one Batlle's coffees, as she consistently demonstrates what imagination, science, and an unwavering dedication to craft can taste like.   

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More about this coffee

This crop was harvested from trees growing out of the side of the active volcano, Ilamatepec, located in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

Batlle’s ceaseless innovations lead her work with the processors at Beneficio Las Tres Puertas where they tried a double fermentation method usually only seen in Kenyan coffees. Because of this “Kenya Process,” each intense, varied flavor packed into the bean from the rich volcanic soil rings clear in your cup.

Not only are her coffee’s exceptional, but Batlle is committed to the idea that the customer buying a cup of coffee from barista might also know about that coffee’s farmer, the processor of that coffee, down to the lady that picked the cherry from the tree. She believes that the coffee community wants to and can be aware of how many hands it takes to get that coffee that we all enjoy.


Region: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas

Process: Washed, Kenya-Process

Elevation: 1,400 - 1,700 masl