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Free Shipping on Retail Orders of $50 or more. Use Code FREESHIP50 at Checkout.

Fernando Diaz - Special Release Gesha

In all the time we have known him, Fernando has never been one to settle for "good enough". In 2015 he planted several new varieties on his farm, including the world-renowned Gesha variety. Today he has around 55 varieties growing; most of them for "explorations and fun" according to Fernando. This year, in addition to our typical crop from his farm, we are honored to have a small amount of his Gesha prepared specifically for Coffea. It is clean, incredibly delicate and sweet, with unparalleled complexity. 

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More about this coffee

Region: Santa Rosa
Elevation: 1700-1850 masl
Varietal: Gesha
Processing: Fully Washed
Tasting Notes: Delicate, Pillowy Mouthfeel, Berries


Santa Ana is a multiple award-winning farm located south of Guatemala City. Fernando took over the operations of Santa Ana with the goal of producing outstanding coffee. He started farming coffee with the intention of just keeping it as a side project, but soon he was thinking about coffee more and more. It eventually turned from a side project to something that was constantly on his mind. Fernando went from a man with a coffee farm to a coffee farmer.
In our seventh consecutive year of coffee from Fernando, it’s easy to see and taste Fernando’s dedication to his coffee. He is slowly building his farm with new, healthier plants as well as some new experimental varietals. The methods that Fernando uses for his picking and processing are methodical with data collected at every step of the coffee’s life so he can look back and see what is best for his production. Fernando has a promising future and we are excited to work alongside him.