Honduras Edmundo Sanchez

We are glad to offer this delicious coffee again for a third year. Finca El Mango starts has beautiful plum flavors, almond, and a sweet maple finish.

The Finca El Mango comes to us through Honduran based Catracha Coffee project that offers free workshops, support, and long-term sustainable improvements for "finding ways to improve the income earned per pound of coffee can impact the choices families are able to make in their daily lives."

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More about this coffee

The Santa Elena area is home to an innovative program called Catracha Coffee. Founded by Mayra Orellana-Powell this program is the actualization of a long-time dream "...dream of starting a coffee business that would have an impact in the community where she was born and raised."

The Catracha Coffee project helps increase the price farmers can earn per plant, and Orellana-Powell's overarching goal is "to increase the number of capacity building opportunities until every producer in Santa Elena has an opportunity to produce great coffee and access the specialty coffee market."  

They accomplish this by holding monthly meetings for the area's farmers to improve topics ranging from plant nutrition, optimal harvesting practices, even to post-harvest drying protocols. 

Prices to farms are nearly double that paid out by Fair Trade, (nearly double the amount the producers earn through Fair Trade--often far more than double depending on the quality of the lot).  There's also greater stability working within the structure of Catracha because the farmer is paid twice in the process: once upon delivery of the dried parchment coffee is delivered to Catchura from January to March and then again in July when the coffee is bought on the specialty coffee market.  

Catracha Coffee is the sort of locally-entrepreneurial, empowering program that are the future of specialty coffee. We're extremely grateful for Catracha Coffee as well as Edmundo Sanchez  for producing this wonderful coffee.


Region: La Paz, Santa Elena
Farm: Finca El Mango
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuaí
Process: Washed
Growing Altitude: 1,800 masl