Los San Juanes

The Finca San Juanes starts with heavy sweetness that crescendos into brighter currant-notes and finishing in satisfying richness. It’s accessible and unique.

While higher altitude coffees have a pleasant brightness in their flavor, it’s exciting to find a coffee as balanced and rounded in a heavy yet clean counterpoint to that initial acidity. The father-son duo of the Los San Juanes farm have grown an impressive coffee this season with bright pops of currant meeting developed, almond sweetness in this well balanced, full cup. Both the bright acidity and the heavy body are fully pronounced in this easy drinking coffee for all palates.

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More about this coffee

Sitting high up (no less than 1,700 masl) on the Sierra De Las Minas mountain range just over 40 years ago, farmer Don Higinio Gomez made an important decision. Nobody else in this area had grown coffee as their central crop. Today, Gomez’s land reaches 60 hectares (more than 145 acres) in this now popular coffee growing region in Guatemala, and today Gomez works together with his son, Carlos Gomez, to produce a truly impressive crop. That’s all due to their visionary agricultural intelligence and wise stewardship of the natural elements of the farm’s flora to maximize on this mountain range’s ideal climate. 
The mountain range boasts the highest altitude for a non-volcanic range in Guatemala other than Huehuetenango. Even better, the Sierra De Las Minas mountains cradle in and hold onto a naturally humid climate which lets these burbón and pache san ramon varietals thrive. The Gomez family allows the natural shade of the forest provide protection for the coffee trees-- a forest made up of predominantly pines. This none volcanic soil along with the natural shedding pine needles creates a unique soil composition resulting in equally unique notes of balancing acidity. That acidity is brought about by the altitude of the farm, intentional shade growing, and the previously mentioned pine needles interacting with the pH of the soil. All this is wonderfully preserved in the bean where we can taste the heavy sweetness that crescendos into brighter currant-notes and finishing in satisfying richness.
This region has a fascinating interaction of climate, altitude, and naturally occurring forest, and we’re fortunate to be discovering the successes of the Gomez family’s agricultural ingenuity.


Region: Sierra de las Minas/Palencia

Varietal: Borbón, Pache San Ramon

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,700 - 1,900 masl