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  • Mexico La Yerba Women's Reserva
  • Mexico La Yerba Women's Reserva

Mexico La Yerba Women's Reserva

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This beautiful coffee comes from a group of women producers around a town call La Yerba in Nayarit, Mexico.  We’re proud to continue showcasing the growing presence of women farmers in the coffee industry.  Expect sweet chocolate, heavy body, with enough fruity acidity to balance it out perfectly.

Region: Nayarit, Mexico

Elevation: 1000 masl

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Processing: Natural

Tasting Notes: Blueberry. Brownies. Cola

Located on the side of the San Juan Volcano, La Yerba is a small town of 800 people whose main income is tied to coffee and avocados. The community comprises 35 Ejidatarios–communal land designed for agricultural production. Each Ejidatario, or joint landowner/farmer, has rights to a plot of land that continues indefinitely down their family line, as long as the land is under constant cultivation. This ideology dates back to Aztecs.

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