Nepal White

This white tea is from a small village called Pathivara in the Himalayan mountains (also in Province No. 1--the same province as our Nepal Black). This 12 acre tea farm is operated by neighbors that live in the Pathivara. The farm is run by a man named Bam Bahadur Yangjan, who has done so for 26 years. This tea is a prime example of terroir influencing the product that we have in our hands. These mountains are known for their untouched forests, rich biodiversity, carbon-rich and mulchy soil, and air that is very dry and clean. The air quality makes for great withering and drying conditions for the tea. On top of all of that, the farmers use next to no equipment and grow their tea organically--which means low yields. Nepal White has a nice floral astringency, sweet peach, dry white wine, and lemongrass.

Name: Nepal White

Origin: Province No. 1, Nepal

Processing: White

Tasting Notes: Peach, Jasmine, Lemongrass

Brewing Instructions are included on the tin.