Colombia Vino Y Oro

Vino Y Oro translates to wine and gold. This beautiful coffee is a collaboration between a friend of ours and a coffee association in Colombia. This flavor profile is incredible and by no means an accident. This coffee has a beautiful apple acidity with tropical fruit flavors and a long juicy finish. 

Grind Preference

More about this coffee

The coffee was sourced from farmers in villages surrounding the town of Chaparral, in the Southern Tolima department. Organized as Asociación de Productores Comercializadores Agropecuarios de Cafes Especiales (SURCAFES), the 54 farmers who produced this lot have invested heavily in sustainability.

SURCAFES is a producer association with 54 members who live in El Limon, Las Hermosas, La Glorieta, El Tibet, Irco, Santa Cruz, La Profunda, El Diamante, La Aldea, El Jardin, El Salado, Bella Vista, Tocora, El Prodigio and San Antonio, all communities located within the Chaparral municipality in the department of Tolima, Colombia. SURCAFES works in collaboration with an export company called Lohas Beans to establish connections in the specialty coffee market, which has improved coffee prices for its members and enables farmers to reinvest in their farms and provide for their families. Lohas Beans has also helped producers gain access to technical support for best agricultural practices and innovative coffee processing methods.




Region: Tolima

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,500-1,800 meters