Kenya Gatuyaini


Wine • Floral • Dark Chocolate

(Whole Bean • 12 oz Bag)

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This Coffee's Story

The Gatuyaini station is located north of Nairobi, near the Aberdare mountains. Gatuyaini is one of nineteen washing stations that make up the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society in Nyeri Kenya. The coop began in 1950 with only 250 members. Now the coop has around 15,000 members who contribute coffee and is managed by an elected board of 13 members. Each member represents an electoral zone in the larger Othaya District . Currently the Coop has 120 permanent members of staff who are headed by a Secretary Manager. The Secretary Manager oversees the day to day running of the Coop under the supervision of the board. This coffee is rich and has deep notes of wine, ripe fruit, and a lovely bittersweet chocolate finish.

  • Bean Details
    Region: Othaya, Nyeri, Kenya
    Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11
    Process: Washed, Fermented, Dried on raised beds
    Altitude: 1,890 Meters
    Tasting Notes: Wine • Floral • Dark Chocolate