• Night-Blooming Fragrance
  • Night-Blooming Fragrance
  • Night-Blooming Fragrance

Night-Blooming Fragrance

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Tea plants in Guangdong are often left unpruned, thereby growing into single stemmed trees which yield tea called Dan Cong (often translated to “single stem” or “single trunk”). Although all varieties of Dan Cong are said to come from a mother cultivar called Shuixian, there are many cultivars that make up the grouping. Over time, farmers noticed that particular batches or crops of Shuixian had unique flavor profiles; these farmers then took grafts from these plants and cultivated them until there were various types that all had pronounced, specific flavor and aromatic profiles. Different cultivars within the Dan Cong family are named for various attributes, often terroir, color, shape, or fragrance. This one is called Ye Lai Xiang, or Night-Blooming Jasmine.

Name: Night-Blooming Fragrance

Origin: Guangdong, China

Processing: Wulong

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Mint, Tapioca

Brewing Instructions are included on the tin.

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