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Welcome to our Breakroom Subscription, the perfect way to level up your office coffee game by providing high quality, ethically sourced specialty coffee for your staff, clients, and guests. Subscribers save an average of 20%, have access to insider info, and always enjoy free shipping.

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Breakroom Subscription

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At Coffea, our mission is to pursue curiosity, collaboration, and quality, with love for coffee and people. We go to great lengths to source beautiful coffees from dedicated producers from all around the world. We pay based on quality and real need so that farmers make what they deserve. Our roasting process is specifically tuned to each coffee, with quality control at every turn. When it comes time to hand that coffee off to you, it becomes yours to share. So, what does it mean to say "Coffee for the Culture?" It means that by partnering with Coffea, a cup of coffee has the potential to help communicate what you care about as a business or organization, differentiating you from the pack and making a meaningful impact on your culture. 
We know that leaders have a lot going on. That's why we've intentionally designed The Breakroom Subscription to be a low-effort, high-impact value add to your company or organization. Simply choose your subscription type, size, quantity, and frequency. We'll take care of the rest. Expect to receive a rotating lineup of fresh and flavorful coffees fitting your indicated profile preference.
  • Weekly and bi-weekly orders ship Wednesday's
  • Modify or cancel your subscription at any time
  • Shipping is free with all subscription orders


Craft your subscription just the way you like it: select your subscription type, how much coffee you want, and how often you want it. You can modify or cancel at any time.


We roast and ship to order, so you know that your coffee is always in its prime when it gets to you. Never worry about shipping costs with free shipping on all orders.


Brew your freshly roasted coffee just how you like it! Don't worry about running out. With a subscription, you can adjust your orders to make sure you always have coffee when you need it.

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