Serve Coffea Coffee

Uncompromising Quality

We know you don’t compromise, neither will we

While you’ve promised uncompromising quality to your customers and employees you can have the confidence that we’ve made the same promise to ours. Coffea exists to source, roast, brew and serve coffee without compromise and we’re here to help you do the same.

We’re All Better Together

Coffee is the product of partnerships, improving coffee is no different.

Coffea partners are passionately committed to serving the best possible coffee. That’s why we’ve designed our program with a tight feedback loop and (proven customer service) accessible roast reporting so that all coffee, both yours and ours, is always improving.

Coffee isn’t pie, but it can be that easy.

A lot in life is difficult, your coffee program shouldn’t be.

Serving and drinking great coffee is possible. With us by your side from start to finish we’ll make some of the best coffees in the world easily accessible to you, your coworkers and your customers.

Wholesale FAQ

  • Equipment Consultations

    We’ve worked with a lot of equipment over the years and have great recommendations for setups of any capacity. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your current equipment we’ll be here to help. Plus, we offer really competitive pricing on most major manufacturers.

  • Startup

    By designing multiple of our own cafés and consulting on others we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’d love to be a part of your startup from day one. From designing for high-volume, staffing and workflow efficiency, aesthetics or social function (and maybe all of the above!) we’re pretty sure we can partner to create some more fantastic cafés.

  • Minimums

    Our minimum order is just 2 pounds. We understand that everyone isn’t a crowded café or jam-packed office space. That shouldn’t mean you can’t still have great coffee.

  • Shipping

    We’ve worked hard to negotiate great shipping rates. Let us know where you are and your expected order size and we’ll let you know what to expect for shipping.

  • Ok. You’ve got me interested. Can I taste some coffee?

    Great! We’d love to send you some coffee. Let us know where to send it and we’ll get some into your hands.