The AeroPress combines the best qualities of full-immersion brewing with the benefits of pressurized brewing. Coffee enthusiasts count this as one of the must-have brew methods in their arsenal.  

It's easy to store or pack, and produces an amplified, flavorful expression of any of your favorite coffees.  Brewing is easier than it looks, and you can use this guide to make the perfect cup, every time (or this guide for your camping excursions).  

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The AeroPress is one of the best pieces of coffee equipment you'll ever own.  Take it on travels--be it in a hostel or a hotel, because it's durable and easy to pack.  For the same reasons, take it camping with one of these guys, and you don't even need electricity to brew supremely great coffee.  
While it might seem intimidating to use, it really is easier than it looks.  Just make sure you have all your preparations ready before you add the water to the coffee and you're good to go.